Why Hire a VA?

We’ve all been there…

…late night emailing, catching up on the jobs that never seem to get done, ‘making a dent’ in the to-do list…

But although evenings might feel like a perfect time to crack on with those bits and pieces, its not ideal is it? Trying to cram as much into a day as possible can actually have the adverse effect on your productivity – not to mention zapping your energy the next day when you try to keep your eyes open! As for the to-do list? There is always something else to add on…

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) provides support (which could be in any number of ways) to a business or individual on a regular, ad-hoc or one off basis.

Why hire a VA?

VA’s usually work remotely so generally have their own office space and facilities such as a PC or laptop, printer and telephone etc. Because VA’s are self-employed, the client hiring the VA is not responsible for any associated PAYE and NI contributions, holiday pay, sickness pay or pension contributions.  Most VA’s use time tracking software so that clients are only billed for the actual hours worked by the VA. This means that paying employees whilst they wait for the kettle to boil, pop out to post a letter or gaze out of the window is a thing of the past!

The client does not need to provide a desk or general office equipment and due to the professional nature of the role of a VA, should not need to ‘chase’ the VA in terms of work being done, provided that the clients requirements are explained before the piece of work begins.

How does a VA work?

There are a wealth of digital tools available (Dropbox, WhatsApp, Messenger and of course email, to name a few) that are perfect for a VA and client to maintain an excellent level of communication. Documents can be securely shared using Dropbox, Office 365 and Google Docs etc.

VA’s can charge hourly, by project, retainer or package and these options can be discussed and decided upon during the initial consultation between VA and client.

What can a VA do for you?

When it comes to looking for a VA, your requirements are unique so one size definitely does not fit all.

A VA may be excellent in general administrative tasks such as Excel or Powerpoint, while another may have a background in marketing, events or even web design.

There are virtually no limits to the services that can be provided and many VA’s work alongside Associate VA’s to enable a wider range of needs to be catered for.

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I need a Virtual Assistant! What should I do next?

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